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Migration and OSF Officer


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We are very happy to know about your interest in working for MSF! However, we would like to emphasize that due to the large amount of resumes we usually receive, we are not able to contact all applicants. Only the candidates who have been approved in the first step of the recruitment process will be contacted.

Descrição e Responsabilidades

Provide support to operations while seeking to interlink and problematise current MSF field realities, challenges (contextual and operational) and models and methods in MSF responses and interventions to offer novel reflections, perspectives and re-sponse approaches coming from a regional outlook to serve all MSF fields enhancing programmatic responses and the understanding of political narratives on migration and violence issues on health.

The function requires a person with strong understanding and field experience on global migration and Other situations of Violence (OSV) issues and contexts capable to reflect and problematise what is going on in the field where MSF intervenes and to help convey those problems into practical responses to health issues and advocacy strategies.


Operational and strategic functions:

  • Assess field realities and needs, challenges and barriers on migration and OSV
  • Identify those issues and relate them to the MSF current response, strategic orientations, OP approaches and ambitions in the region and globally
  • Associate and stablish links between sub-regional, regional and global occur-rences to identify common grounds, problems, solutions applicable to MSF programmes
  • Help operations to problematize existing paradigms and responses to try to find novel perspectives which could convey to innovative approaches and field-oriented strategies
  • Bring to the region approaches from different MSF reflection groups and MSF missions and initiatives (ex. MSF Urban Spaces initiative)
  • Challenge MSF field responses and models within the current MSF global ori-entations, frames and ambitions on migration and OSV issues
  • Translate the conceptual issues and challenges of protection, violence, legal barriers, legal status, dignity, victimization, populations on the move, limbo, ethics, etc into programmatic comprehensive responses on assistance, epide-miology and advocacy
  • Link south American migration and OSV issues to central and north American contingencies and challenges from MSF missions´ perspective and more gen-erally on the impact on populations irrespectively of MSF presence or re-sponse.
  • Look for all causes of migration and OSV including environmental degradation, climate change and (re)emerging diseases and link it to current OP responses in the field.

Analysis and advocacy:

  • Work in close collaboration with MSF operations in the field, cells and depart-ments to bring observations, ideas, reflections and analysis to improve and ad-vice MSF interventions and positioning
  • Develop partnerships with MSF migration and violence issues network for ex-change and feed back
  • Develop partnerships and collaboration with external communities of practice on migration and OSV issues
  • Help bridge the gap between current field dilemmas and operational challenges with MSF global framework, ambitions and positioning on migration
  • Work in close collaboration with the analysis and advocacy unit in MSF BR to expand the work on entry barriers and the effects of migration policies on health, safety, and dignity in the region.
  • Lead the reflection and analysis on OSV epidemiology, protection issues, legal tools, health effects of violence, access barriers, indicators, data in collabora-tion with BRAMU´s epidemiologist and advocacy and analysis unit.
  • Nurture and develop with the advocacy and analysis unit counter-narratives on migration and OSV issues.
  • Support operations´ reflective exercise on medical/health responses to migra-tion and OSV issues.
  • Examine and reflect on all causes of migration and OSV including environmen-tal degradation, climate change and (re)emerging diseases that affect missions present in the region.
  • Strengthen and work in close collaboration with all MSF entities working on mi-gration and OSV issues, that is, Operational Centres (OC), MSF Hong Kong, South Africa Medical Unit (SAMU), MSF ITALY, MSF CANADA, Central Amer-ica and Mexico Office (CAMINO), and any other.

Field research:

  • Implementation and development of monitoring and evaluation tools (Violence Assessment tool (VAT), Population Assessment tool (PAT), Migration History tool (MHT), rapid anthropological assessment tools, demography, etc) to im-prove and support the analysis, documentation and capitalisation of past and current migration/OSV events that will then feedback operations, advocacy and communications.
  • Contribute to the development of operational research in collaboration with ad-vocacy and analysis unit, OCs operational departments, external partners
  • Reflect on possibly new tools and surveys that could help and allow to monitor and document events and activities related to contexts and field missions on migration and OSV issues.



  • University degree in social or human sciences. Any other degree/profile that fit the job requirements are encouraged to apply.


  • Knowledge on migration and OSV settings
  • Field experience is essentialin various and diverse contexts and world geographical regions. Experience in developing countries is a must.
  • Project management and planning experience is strongly desirable
  • Research, monitoring and evaluation experience is a strong asset
  • MSF experience an asset but not an exclusion requirement


  • English: oral and written fluency – mandatory
  • Portuguese or Spanish: oral and written fluency – mandatory


  • Strong reading and analytical skills are a must
  • Critical thinking is a must to problematize field realities and problems
  • Creative and innovative to adapt and operationalise concepts to field operations
  • Results and Quality oriented
  • Strong Networking skills
  • Strong listening and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to produce reports and protocols
  • Coaching attitude and skills
  • Team spirit and good communications skills
  • Ability to represent MSF in technical and scientific meetings


  • Commitment to MSF Principles
  • Strategic Vision
  • Results and Quality Orientation
  • Teamwork and Cooperation


  • Flexibility/Adaptability
  • Stress Management
  • Service Orientation
  • Negotiation Skills


October 20th, 2020. All applications must be submitted in English.


We are very happy to know about your interest in working for MSF!

However, we would like to emphasize that due to the large amount of resumes we usually receive, we are not able to contact all applicants.

Only the candidates who have been approved in the first step of the recruitment process will be contacted.

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